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Ed Schlutz decries 'envy on the left,' denies being 'money-grubbing pig

MSNBC's Ed Schultz

From Salon:

MSNBC host Ed Schultz took to his radio show for a third consecutive time Monday to slam his critics, following media attention to his show’s financial support from unions and Salon’s reporting last week on his handling of a labor dispute at NBC. Decrying unspecified “flat-out lies” and “all kinds of envy on the left,” Schultz told listeners his “one-percenter” status was no secret, and said of unnamed critics, “That was my mistake, by ever just acknowledging that they breathe air.”

“I am being made out to be some money-grubbing pig that doesn’t care about workers, which is absolutely erroneous,” Schultz told listeners. Without directly addressing alleged union-busting by NBC Universal-owned Peacock Productions, which workers have asked MNSBC prime-time hosts to condemn, Schultz said, “My position with workers is unparalleled by anyone with this position in the media … That’s the truth.”

It was reported last week that union members who work under the NBC umbrella have sought the support of Schultz and other MSNBC primetime talent to combat alleged union-busting efforts by company bosses. Schultz, an outspoken supporter of unions, has apparently not come out as an ally.

Schultz has received approximately $250,000 from unions since 2012.

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