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Today I Did Something Incredibly Dangerous & Incredibly Stupid, All for Your Entertainment


"This was one of the dumbest things I've seen on YouTube."

An Internet prankster recently found himself roughed up after he attempted to steal a car in London for a prank video on Sunday.

"Today I did something incredibly dangerous and incredibly stupid, all for your entertainment," YouTube star Callum McGinley says at the outset of the video.

[sharequote align="center"]"Today I did something incredibly dangerous and incredibly stupid, all for your entertainment."[/sharequote]

McGinley can then be seen tying several soda cans to a parked car's exhaust pipe. When the owner returns to his vehicle and takes off, he hears the noise created by the cans and steps out to inspect his car.

That's when McGinley rushes into the vehicle and shuts the door. But, things did not go as planned and the unidentified owner opens the door and places the prankster in a choke hold and attacks him.

According to McGinley, however, he was able to calm the owner down before sustaining any serious injuries.

"Just one blow to the stomach, didn't hurt too much," McGinley said of his injuries in an email to TheBlaze.

The Internet prankster added that his stunt was inspired by an image he saw on popular website Reddit two weeks ago and that he did not fear for his safety.

"I am confident that doing such a prank in the UK is safe, you would only be beaten up," he said. "Firearms are illegal to carry in the UK and knives are very rare."

"I was prepared for a beating and chose my mark carefully for the best reaction,"  he continued. "Would only ever do this kind of thing to someone who looked mentally stronger than me. Never would pick a mother or elderly person."

Nonetheless, some individuals think McGinley's prank went too far.

"This was one of the dumbest things I've seen on YouTube," one individual commented. "You took it way too far trying to steal a car, even if it was for a prank. Don't know why anyone would think this is funny."

"That was really stupid," another echoed.

At the time of publication, the video had roughly 120,000 views on YouTube.


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