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Grandpa Pushing Wife in Wheelchair Has Run-In With Two of the 'Scummiest Things' He's Ever Seen After Trying to Protect the Neighbor Kids


"He grabbed my hands and proceeded to beat the daylight of out me."

A 70-year-old Florida man trying to protect neighborhood kids from cars he felt were driving too fast ended up in the hospital after two of the "scummiest things I've ever seen" disagreed with his tactics.

James Gorman from Bradenton, Fla., stepped toward a car from the sidewalk where he was pushing his wheelchair-bound wife. His granddaughter was also walking nearby, Friday evening, according to WTSP-TV.

Instead of slowing down, heeding Gorman's gestured advice, the car came to a full stop and two men stepped out. A third man was described as an occupant of the car as well.

"He grabbed my hands and proceeded to beat the daylight of out me. He knocked me out," Gorman told WTSP. He did apparently get a punch in of his own, but it wasn't enough to stop the onslaught.

james gorman James Gorman, 70, suffered more than black eye after he stepped out from the sidewalk, trying to get a speeding car to slow down. The occupants of the car stopped and beat him instead. (Image source: WTSP-TV)

"They are about the scummiest things I've ever seen," Gorman continued. "It takes two young men to beat up a 70-year-old man."

Watch WTSP-TV's report:

Gorman told the Bradenton Herald that he regained consciousness when the men were pulling away and saw his wife fallen out of her wheelchair trying to help him. Neighborhood children who witnessed the beating were crying.

Gorman suffered a black eye, torn rotator cuff muscle and broken glasses in the attack. Since the incident, he told the news station he has had headaches.

But it could have been even worse. Gorman's daughter, who witnessed the beating as it occurred a few houses down, said the young men tried to pull the 70-year-old into their car, according to the Herald.

Manatee County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident. The attackers are described as two black males in their 20s.

But Gorman, a resident of the neighborhood for 27 years, is more worried about what the children had to witness.

"I am more worried about my grandbaby, she is still pretty shook up," Gorman told the Herald. "That bothers me more than anything, that kids had to witness that. That wasn't necessary."



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