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Dennis Rodman's Horrendous Rendition of 'Happy Birthday' for Kim Jong-Un


Happy birthday to you.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un took an odd turn recently when the former decided to serenade the latter with his rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Rodman and a team of retired NBA players have in recent months journeyed to the Hermit Kingdom for what they say are diplomatic efforts to start a dialogue between the United States and North Korea.

Rodman's team of retired NBA players (image source: screen grab)

Dennis Rodman has a longstanding friendship with North Korea's dictator king (image source: screen grab)

Rodman believes he can accomplish diplomacy through basketball, one of Jong-un’s favorite sports.

In honor of the dictator’s birthday, Rodman and his team organized a basketball game in Pyongyang as a "birthday present," according to state organizers.

And the folks who attended the despot’s birthday celebration, including Jong-un's family and North Korean state officials, didn’t look too thrilled for the occasion.

Thrilled onlookers (image source: screen grab)

Onlookers still unamused (image source: screen grab)

Take a good look at the unamused crowd.

Considering the fact that there are roughly 120,000 political opponents currently imprisoned in North Korea’s work camps, according to Time magazine, chances are some of the people who attended the game will also end up in a camp.

Watch the birthday song at about the 20-second mark:

Oh, also, in case you were wondering, Rodman’s team lost.


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