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Pizza Shop Owner's Incredibly Selfless Act Teaches a Major Lesson About Helping People in Need


"I'm a firm believer that we take care of our own."

(Image source: Facebook)

A pizza shop owner in a small Pennsylvania borough sparked a flurry of media coverage and inspired people around the globe after he decided to take a very simple step to help those in his community impacted by incredibly frigid weather.

Tom Wynkoop, owner of Fox's Pizza of Ligonier in Ligonier, Penn., is helping his local community (Image source: Facebook)

Tom Wynkoop, owner of Fox's Pizza of Ligonier in Ligonier, Penn., told TheBlaze that he was just doing "the right thing" when he posted a message on Facebook, offering to deliver medicine, food and essentials to customers who have respiratory issues or are home bound.

"This goes out to our valued customers. If you have any medical history that involves respiratory issues PLEASE PLEASE do not attempt to leave the house," Wynkoop wrote Monday.

The post continued, "[Due] to the extreme weather conditions please call my cell phone and I will do everything in my power to have things brought to you (medications, food, etc...) NO FOOD ORDERING REQUIRED."

Wynkoop said that the simple act of kindness was offered after he saw warnings on television advising people to stay indoors. Considering that he and his drivers are out and about delivering pizzas, the business owner decided to offer help to those with less mobility.

"We are about a one square mile community. It's predominately elderly," he said. "I'm a firm believer that we take care of our own. You have to help your fellow man."

He said that nine or 10 people called for special deliveries, requesting food or essential items like detergent -- and that they were immensely grateful when he and his staff members ventured out to help.

"They wanted to tip me and I just said 'I don't want your tip,'" Wynkoop added. "It's just the right thing to do ... that's how we roll, that's what we do."

His kind act has been covered by numerous media outlets, sparking an experience he called "overwhelming."

"I am not one to expect anything from anybody and it's just a great feeling that people recognize it and it's encouraging me to do more and want to do more," he added, telling TheBlaze that he has received calls from people in locations as far as Australia who simply want to thank him for his kindness.

In addition to the attention, Wynkoop said he's also been getting donations from people who come into Fox's Pizza of Ligonier or call and want to help.

He's planning to match these donations dollar for dollar and to present the lump sum to Meals on Wheels, a group that delivers food to people in need.

Wynkoop, who works nights as a nurse and runs his pizza business during the day, is no stranger to helping his fellow man. He's currently teaming up with other business owners to hold a basketball fundraiser for a 3-year-old girl whose mother died in car accident.

"[We're] trying to open scholarship fund," Wynkoop explained.

The business owner shows that simple acts can go a long way -- and he told TheBlaze he has no plans to stop delivering essentials to people in need in his community. The inspiration continues.

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