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You Have A Bottle Of Wine But No Corkscrew? All You Need Is A Shoe (Really, This Works)

Image: YouTube

Last week we provided you 10 helpful (and strange) tips to make your life better. Today we add one more.

Many of us have been in this troubling predicament. You are in a remote location and hoping to share a bottle of wine with a friend or two, but someone forgot to bring a corkscrew. Relax. As long as you have a pair of shoes — or just one shoe — all is not lost.

Image: YouTube

A helpful video from the folks at Mirabeau Vineyards shows us just how easily the problem is solved - and in under a minute.

First you remove the foil cap from the wine bottle and place the bottom of the bottle inside the heel of a shoe.

Image: YouTube

Next, the shoe (with the bottle inside) is struck against a hard surface, like the brick wall seen in the video.

In a matter of seconds, and a total of nine strikes against the wall, the cork begins to come out of the bottle.

Image: YouTube

At this point, you can actually pull the cork from the bottle by hand.

Watch the demonstration:

(Of course, if you try this at home, you do so at your own risk. We are merely showing you what Mirabeau is teaching in their video.)

Here's Blaze editor Mike Opelka's attempt to re-create the shoe-opener.

(H/T: @chucktodd)


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