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Watch What Happens When Jesse Watters Asks Hollywood Celebs If They Are Disappointed With Obama



(Fox News)

Representing "The O'Reilly Factor," correspondent Jesse Watters attended the annual Sundance Film Festival to talk some politics and see if any celebrities would admit they are disappointed with President Barack Obama's job performance.

Actress Marisa Tomei walked away when Watters asked her about Obama, saying "yuck" to the simple question. Meanwhile, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman "abruptly ended his smoke break" when he saw him approaching.

(Fox News)

However, a few celebrities agreed to chat with Watters.

Actor Mark Ruffalo mocked a remark Watters made about Benghazi being a "scandal" and argued it was "B.S." He argued Republicans cut the budget that would have given the U.S. compound in Libya more security. Shortly after, a woman stepped in and ended the interview.

Robert De Niro said Obama "means to do the right thing," but he needs to "pick his battles."

"His heart is in the right place," he added. "He's not a schemer, he's not devious."

(Fox News)

When asked if he was disappointed in Obama at all, actor John Slattery said: "No, not at all. I'm disappointed in Bill O'Reilly."

For the most part, Watters says celebrities at the film festival were not very happy to see him. Watch the rest of the interviews via Fox News below:

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