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The One Fascinating Statistic That May Explain Why TheBlaze TV Isn't on Your Cable System…Yet


"It's all up to you."

If you are one of the roughly 24 million people who visit or enjoy programming on TheBlaze TV, you may be wondering why the network isn't yet carried by many conventional cable networks.

As part of its ongoing "Get TheBlaze" campaign, the network said Tuesday that while there are countless channels available, a mere nine television distributors control 91 percent of channel lineups. More than that, just six companies control roughly 80 percent of all the programming you see on television.

Here is an image further explaining the situation:

While it may seem like the consumer has countless more choices than in the past -- when the only channels available for many were ABC, NBC and CBS -- a handful of companies still control most of the major programming.

And since those few companies already have such a strong grip on the industry, there is little incentive for them to make room for other networks.

The only way to break through is for the voice of the consumer to be heard clearly and unequivocally.

On Tuesday, a designated "day of action" in the "Get TheBlaze" campaign, the network is asking Americans nationwide to call, email and take to social media using the hashtag "#IWantTheBlaze," asking their cable providers to carry the TheBlaze TV.

"It's all up to you," Glenn Beck wrote in an open letter to the American people. "Many ... are willing to let others decide which media companies are going to set the agenda in America. I've literally bet everything I have that you are not one of them."

"Please contact your TV provider today and tell them you want TheBlaze," he added.


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