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Attention All Men: Hong Kong Billionaire Will Seriously Give You $130 Million If You Can Do One Thing


There's only one problem...

Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao is ready to give $130 million to any man who can win his daughter's heart.

It may sound simple enough, but there is one fairly significant obstacle all potential suitors will have to overcome: Chao's daughter is attracted to women and reportedly already eloped with her female partner in France.

Source: HuffPost

Chao first offered $65 million in September 2012 in a bid to attract a suitor for his daughter. He told the Financial Times in January that he would not force his daughter to marry a man, but he strongly prefers it.

"But obviously I would, from my point of view, prefer her to be married and to have grandchildren," he said.

Now the offer is doubled after the first one reportedly attracted 20,000 unsuccessful potential husbands.

Chao told the Malaysian newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau that she doubts her father's offer will be able to produce a man that she finds attractive. However, she said she'd be "happy to befriend any man willing to donate huge amounts of money to my charity Faith in Love, provided they don't mind that I already have a wife."

"Third and lastly, thank you Daddy, I love you too," she added.

Any takers?

(H/T: HuffPost)

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