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Some Say This Display of the U.S. Flag Is Disrespectful

The American flag waves in the breeze above a military marker in the Ashland Cemetery, Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014, in Ashland, Ky. (AP Photo/The Independent, Kevin Goldy) AP Photo/The Independent, Kevin Goldy

Residents in a Missouri city are accusing a waste-hauling company, Freedom Waste, of being disrespectful by displaying the American flag on its garbage trucks.

The company’s Facebook page has been hit recently with angry comments from Farmington, Mo., residents who claim that the American flag decals are inappropriate.

Image source: Freedom Waste's Facebook page

“I find this company’s use of the American flag very disrespectful. If they wanted to paint it on the side of their truck that would be one thing, but to paint the flag on the part of the truck that actually crushes garbage was a little much for me,” one Facebook user wrote.

“The image of the American flag is covered in garbage day in and day out. I hope that you can possibly share this photo and get enough attention directed toward their company that they decide to change their trucks. Thank you,” the user added.

Some Facebook users started to circulate the following graphic:

Image source: Facebook

Others feel differently about the flag decals, explaining that it’s not something worth getting angry about.

“I just wanna say we have a 3 dumpster corporate account,” one Facebook user wrote. “And we are very satisfied with our service. Flag decals on trucks [does not] mean anything. No matter where it is. So grow up, get a life and worry about something that really matters.”

Another added his opinion: “So sad to see this actually offends ppl. If thats enough to create news or hatred for some ppl, thats pretty pathetic. Keep truckin and keeping the sidewalks clean.”

What do you think? Is Freedom Waste being “disrespectful”:



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