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Rocker Ted Nugent's Unleashed Rant Against Big Government and the Media: 'I'll Eat Your Guts


"I challenge, I dare ya, I dare all you punks, I dare all you media subhuman punks: debate me."

Ted Nugent speaks with Dana Loesch at his Texas ranch. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Rocker Ted Nugent has never been known to hold his tongue when he thinks something is wrong. Pair him with outspoken Blaze TV host Dana Loesch, and you're guaranteed to get an earful.

Loesch and her family joined Nugent at his Texas ranch last weekend, and in between shooting sessions, the discussion inevitably turned to politics and current events.

Dana Loesch and her family appear with famed American musician Ted Nugent. (Photo: Instagram/dloesch)

"I challenge, I dare ya, I dare all you punks, I dare all you media subhuman punks: debate me," Nugent said, after taking off his shoe to remove the "Piers Morgan skull tissue" from a prior interview.

"Bring me on your show. Teach me a lesson. Cause I'll eat your guts," the rocker continued. "Because I have no opinions. Now that's wild to people. But it's not my opinion that I have a right to keep and bear arms. I do. It's not my opinion that venison is food. It's not my opinion that there are four dead Americans at our embassy ... Brian Terry is dead, Eric Holder. Where's the accountability? You've got to be kidding me!"

"So is it inflammatory to identify that there is a monster loose in our government who runs guns to Mexican gangs that caused the death of a Detroit hero? Is it wrong to identify that? Or is it wrong to be the guilty party that caused it?" Nugent asked. "Subhuman mongrels. If you don't care about freedom, if you abuse your power in the highest offices of the land, there are no words to adequately describe your depth of evil."

Dana Loesch interviews Ted Nugent for an episode of 'Dana.' (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

And while many describe Nugent's speech as "shocking" and "inflammatory," the musician countered that his speech is nothing compared to the "vicious, vile, evil egregious violations of common sense, self-evident truth and the American way ... perpetrated by our government's highest authorities."

"Uncle Ted with a machine gun is in the asset column of America," he asserted. "I make the world safer. I literally am the poster boy for good people fighting for our God-given individual rights..."

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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Some may be wondering whether Nugent's wife shares his passion for hunting and the outdoors. The answer is certainly "yes," according to her interview with Dana Loesch.

Shemane Nugent took Loesch around their home, indicating which of the rugs and mounted animal heads were "hers."

"I got that with a bow and arrow in Africa," she said, indicating a zebra rug.

Loesch praised the "queen of the forest and the lady of the manor" as truly empowered and "what feminists should be."

Watch the complete clip, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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