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Guess What's on Sale at Amazon and Ebay


"...bonus depiction of sword (great for beheadings!)."

Searches of Amazon and Ebay reveal that terrorism-related novelties are on sale on both sites, despite policies that would seem to ban such items.

At Amazon, a browser could find the black Al Qaeda icon printed on flags and headbands. Also found at the internet retailer, the yellow flag of the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah and the green flag of the Palestinian organization Hamas. All three groups are listed as terrorist organizations by the State Department.

Screenshot: Amazon.com

Screenshot: Amazon

Screenshot: Amazon

At Ebay, one could find for sale the black “Shahada flag,” an image familiar to those who follow news in Iraq and Syria where Al Qaeda and its local offshoots have staged a resurgence and wave the jihadi flag with gusto. At Ebay, the flag could be found printed on banners, baseball caps and patches on military-style camouflage jackets.

Screenshot: Ebay

This jacket was also for sale on Ebay (Image via Ebay)

On some items, the flag was embellished with a machine gun printed underneath, on another with a sword, like in these patches:

Screenshot: Ebay

A search of “Al Qaeda flag Iraq” at Amazon generated this result: a 3x5 foot flag for $89.10, placed by Amazon in the category of “Patio, Lawn and Garden.” Of course, it’s unlikely many American neighbors would be pleased with the displaying of that flag.

This item was listen on Amazon as "Flag: Al Qaeda in Iraq." (Image: Amazon.com)

Among the Hamas knickknacks for sale on Amazon, “personalized” glossy stickers, key rings, magnets, gift tags, photo prints.

A search for “Hezbollah flag” at Amazon displayed these items: window clings for the car, sheets of 21 “personalized glossy stickers or labels,” packs of 12 gift tags, fridge magnets, round pin buttons, key rings and stickers.

The seller of the Al Qaeda goods on both Amazon and Ebay was the same individual identified as AL-GHURABAH.

The seller of the Hamas and Hezbollah items was “Danetre Gifts UK” which sells other unrelated items such as ice skating key rings and bass ring lapel pins.

Blogger Aussie Dave at the IsraellyCool blog first discovered the Shahada flag offering at Ebay on Wednesday and quipped of the sword banner: “Similar to the flag, but with bonus depiction of sword (great for beheadings!).”

Ebay’s policy appears to prohibit the sale of such items. It states, “We don’t allow items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views.”

Specifically forbidden are “any item that glorifies or promotes violence toward animals or humans” and “items related to terrorist organizations.”

Amazon’s policy on offensive items states, “Listings for items that Amazon deems offensive are prohibited on Amazon.com” including “Products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views.”

TheBlaze has contacted Ebay and Amazon for their response.

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