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Video of Justin Bieber Giving a Deposition Is So Disrespectful Even TMZ Is Calling It 'Just Unreal’


"I was detrimental to my own career."

(Source: TMZ video screen shot)

TMZ, the Hollywood gossip site, couldn't contain its disgust. And when you watch it, you probably won't be able to either.

"It" is the video of pop sensation Justin Bieber giving a deposition last week after one of his bodyguards was accused of roughing up a photographer. TMZ obtained the four-and-a-half hour video and boiled it down to some of its worst moments, calling it "just unreal." At some points, Bieber's comments defy explanation and logic as he fights with the lawyer asking him questions.

In fact, one of the videos eventually shows Bieber storming out to take a break after being asked about Selena Gomez. TMZ broke it down into four categories: arrogant Bieber, lovesick Bieber, contentious Bieber and disrespectful Bieber.

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