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Man Claims a Hotel Refused to Hire Him Because He's a Christian — and Now He's Settling


"I have been unlawfully discriminated against for reasons relating to my Christian faith."

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A Christian man who sued a U.K. hotel claiming he was denied a job because of his faith has settled the case out of court, according to the Christian Institute, the nonprofit legal firm that represented him.

The photographer (Image source: Jaime Haxby) Jaime Haxby accused a hotel of religious discrimination (Image source: Christian Institute)

Jamie Haxby, a graphic designer, interviewed in December 2012 for a part-time job in designing promotional materials for the Prested Hall Hotel.

He was turned down, he claimed, because of his religious views.

"I have been unlawfully discriminated against for reasons relating to my Christian faith," Haxby said when the complaint was filed last year.

Haxby said that after showing hotel manager Celie Parker his portfolio, which included work he had done for churches, Parker told him atheists working for the hotel wouldn't want to work with a Christian and that he wouldn't be a good fit.

In the initial complaint, he said that Parker apologized for wasting his time during the interview. Prested Hall Hotel, though, responded to the lawsuit by claiming that they simply chose a more experienced candidate and that there were already Christians working at the hotel.

The two parties have now come to a resolution, with the hotel agreeing to make an undisclosed donation to Essex Air Ambulance, a charity providing lifesaving helicopter ride, and with Haxby ending his lawsuit and dropping his claim of religious discrimination.

"Our laws are designed to protect religious freedoms," Christian Institute director Colin Hart said in a statement. "It’s important that people are able to exercise these freedoms whether it be in their workplace or anywhere else."

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A Christian Institute representative told TheBlaze that "there was no personal compensation involved" for Haxby.

A representative for the Prested Hall Hotel did not respond to a request for comment.

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