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Hilarious Fake Movie Trailer Featuring Cap'N Crunch as an Action Hero Seemingly Mocks Sugary-Cereal Hysterics


"Breakfast isn't just milk and's a force that drives this nation."

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You've probably heard something like this: The Quaker Oats guy and the Trix rabbit were found murdered. Both bodies were covered with Lucky Charms…police speculate that a cereal killer may be on the loose.

The "cereal killer" pun is not a new one. However, the short film attached to this story may be the funniest take that we have seen on the very old joke.

In the early days of TheBlaze, we asked the question, "Is Michelle Obama After Cap'n Crunch?" That story was all about the first lady's efforts to bring attention to the amount of sugar in the diets of America's children. Thanks to the sugar content of many popular cereals, this is one area that's drawn a considerable amount of heat from the government and some health experts. 

We can't be sure if the YouTube clip -- called "Cereal Killers" -- is mocking the pushback against sugary cereals, but we have our suspicions.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Created by the YouTube-based comedy troupe, Awesomeness TV, the 3:20 clip masquerading as a trailer for a full-length film shows popular cereal characters uniting to take on an attack by health nuts who would have the sugary cereals eliminated.

In the opening, after learning that the country's largest cereal plant was blown up by terrorists, "General Mills" calls "Cap'n Crunch."  The general is enlisting the icons behind sugary cereals to fight off the push by the "Quaker Oats Guy" to usher in a "new era of high fiber cereals."

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Of course, the Cap'n gathers a few of the other icons from the breakfast aisle: "Lucky" the leprechaun from Lucky Charms and the Trix rabbit to take on their enemy.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

What follows looks more like a trailer for a big-budget action film, complete with explosions, gun fire and stereotypical, action movie catch-phrases.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

You might be tempted to believe (or hope) that this is really a film coming to theaters this summer. That's not the case. The clip was uploaded just a few days ago, and ends with a plug for "Cereal Killers, Summer 2013."

Watch the entire "trailer":

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