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This Is Dangerous': Dana Loesch Has a Dire Warning for Progressives Over 'Hobby Lobby' Case


"When progressives meet a divergent opinion, they want the boot of government to stamp it out."

Dana Loesch had a dire warning for the left on her Blaze TV program Friday, saying it is "dangerous" to want the "boot of government" to stamp out your opposition.

"Progressives are being predictably stupid here," she said, speaking about the Supreme Court case determining whether Hobby Lobby will be forced to provide forms of birth control it believes could terminate life against its religious beliefs.

Dana Dana Loesch speaks on her Blaze TV program, 'Dana,' on March 28, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"The right of a woman to have things unfairly provided to her for free will not be impacted by this case, because that right doesn't exist!" she said, adding that the company already provides dozens of forms of birth control, and only objects to four methods, like "Plan B."

She said that "in order to get in a jab at their opposition, [progressives] are giving the government opportunity at establishing a precedent which would allow the state to abridge civil liberties."

"Today, it's whether people can be Christians to run a business," she said. "Tomorrow, it could be whether a business owner can be gay or not. Or, whether a business owner can be an atheist. Or a woman."

"When progressives meet a divergent opinion, they want the boot of government to stamp it out. This is dangerous," Loesch warned.

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