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Biker Posts Gasp-Inducing Motorcycle Crash Video as a Warning to Other Riders


Helmet-mounted camera captured entire crash.

Image via YouTube

A British motorcyclist posted his tumbling, nearly head-on collision crash video, hoping to keep other drivers from making a fatal mistake.

"I just happened to walk away with my life ... it was a big wake-up call to me," said Jack Sanderson, the biker who somehow tumbled to safety after the crash.

w The two bikers were taking on one of Europe's most dangerous roads when the crash occurred. (Image source: YouTube)

The weather was clear and the road conditions were dry and ideal for a fast ride along a country road in England. But Sanderson, as he said, got impatient.

He accelerated around a turn to pass a friend on another bike and came inches away from a fatal crash.

w Sanderson came within inches of crashing head-on into a vehicle traveling nearly 40 miles per hour. (Image source YouTube)

The speeding biker was somehow able to avoid the car, but crashed his bike while tumbling down a hill. The bike was a total loss, but miraculously, seconds later, Sanderson was able to dust off and walk back up to the road.

"I should have stayed on the white line ... I went way too wide," Sanderson said of his ride along the A537 'Cat and Fiddle' road, recognized as one of the most dangerous roads in Europe.

"Who knows, it could be a lesson to others," the rider said. But that good deed may not be rewarded; the BBC reported local authorities may still investigate the incident.

A camera mounted to his helmet captured the entire nerve-wracking scene. Check it out below.

(H/T: Boston.com)

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