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Let's Get That Demon Baby Out of You': The Comedy Central Skit on Abortion That's Sure to Appall Pro-Lifers


"I hope your dead baby haunts you!"

Image source: Comedy Central/YouTube

It was supposed to be a comical take on pro-life activists that parodied a popular TV commercial. But comedian Daniel Tosh's fake ad is sure to leave many people stunned.

In a recent skit for his Comedy Central show "Tosh.0," Tosh made light of abortion and poked fun at the oft-times fiery pro-life activists who picket outside clinics while mimicking the Beats headphones ads featuring popular sports figures drowning out detractors.

The parody video opens with Tosh and a woman presumed to be his girlfriend arriving at a Planned Parenthood location; protesters can be heard yelling and chanting outside their vehicle.

"We're here and there are a lot of people out there," Tosh tells his girlfriend. "Remember this is our choice and we are doing nothing wrong."

"I know," the woman replies.

Image source: Comedy Central/YouTube Image source: Comedy Central/YouTube

"If you want to change your mind, that is totally your decision -- even though I think it's a really bad one," Tosh continues.

The girlfriend responds by telling him that she's not going to reverse course, as Tosh would "be a horrible father."

"Alright let's get that demon baby out of you," Tosh says before putting on Beats by Dre headphones and stepping out of the vehicle.

As the pro-life crowd hurls insults, saying things like, "I hope your dead baby haunts you!," and "You're going to burn in hell!," Tosh smiles and gives high-fives. His headphones drown out all of the sounds.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend, who is not wearing headphones, is emotionally impacted by the scene.

The faux commercial concludes with text that reads, "Hear what you want."

The skit's timing is interesting, considering that Tosh's real-life sister-in-law, Jenna Tosh, who is president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, has been in a two-year battle of sorts with pro-life protesters.

Earlier this month, an ordinance banning residential picketing within 50 feet of a person's home in Winter Park, Fla., was unsuccessfully challenged by pro-life advocates who protested outside Jenna Tosh's Florida home in 2012.

The picketers waived anti-abortion signs and accused Tosh of harming women and babies, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

A YouTube video posted by the Winter Park voice shows Tosh describing the protest outside her home in detail.

We'll leave you with an actual "Hear What You Want" commercial below so you can compare:


Featured image via Comedy Central/YouTube

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