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High-Speed 'Chase' With Texas Police Goes...Airborne


U.S. Aerobatic Champion buzzes over Dallas.

When Texas police chased this "suspect," they didn't hold back — even when it took them to the skies.

kirby chased by texas police Texas police were hot on the trail of Kirby Chambliss' special Ziko Edge 540. (Image source: YouTube)

Thankfully, this fast-paced video was more of a stunt than a real manhunt.

Kirby Chambliss, a world aerobatic flying champion, zipped around trees, flew under bridges and dipped into a motor speedway stadium while being "chased" by the police.

e Chambliss was followed closely by a police helicopter. (Image source: YouTube)

The police eventually greet Chambliss, a native Texan, with a friendly handshake.

j Once Chambliss landed, he was greeted with a friendly Texas welcome. (Image source: YouTube)

The Fort Worth Police helped Chambliss film the video as a promotional piece for the 2014 Red Bull Air Race in Texas.

The flying in the video may look a little dangerous, but Chambliss and the other Red Bull racers have years of experience in the cockpit. According to his site, Chambliss has been flying the Zivko Edge 540 "for so long that he jokes that the controls and wings are mere extensions of his own arms."

Check out the fast-paced video below!

(H/T: All Things Aero)

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