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Another Homeowner Says He Made a Mysterious Find in His Basement — See It Here


"This is looking like someone wanted to keep something in and not out."

Image source: Imgur

Yet another new homeowner is claiming to have discovered the joys and terrors of what one can find when taking up floors, prying loose baseboards or just doing some general poking around in a new space.

This time, the homeowner said he purchased a foreclosed home with what he calls "a creepy room in a hidden crawl space."

Before we go any further, let us express a bit of caution. We've seen some completely legitimate and fascinating finds in old homes before, but then as stories like this have become more popular on the viral Web, we've seen some people setting them up, making it only appear as if they found something mysterious in their home when really they planted it themselves. In fact, one person on Reddit was just recently concocting a tale that was both creepy and bogus.

With that in mind, here's the rabbit trail a Redditor going by lmbrjack leads us down.

It starts with a panel in the bathroom of the homeowner's basement.

The door leading the crawl space. (Image source: Imgur) Image source: Imgur

"We were wondering what it was and assumed either a crawl space or a dumb waiter. There is a medicine cabinet in the corner of the room. It looks like the owners were wanting to complete cover this. We just moved in 2 weeks ago," lmbrjack wrote on Imgur, where he posted the photos and then linked to them on Reddit.

They were right on the crawl space. It was oddly carpeted and led to a black door with a combination lock.

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

Image source: Imgur Image source: Imgur

"This is looking like someone wanted to keep something in and not out. I sniffed and didn't smell any decay nor did I hear anything," the homeowner continued, pointing to a vent as his reasoning for worrying something alive could have been inside. The door also had a latch area for another lock and appeared to be glued shut.

Check out more of lmbrjack's photos of the hidden door on Imgur.

Lmbrjack wrote Sunday on Reddit that his locksmith friend would be coming to investigate Monday morning. There has not been an update revealing what could be inside as of the time of this article's posting.

Some Redditors expressed their skepticism at getting too excited about what could be found inside, if anything.

"I am mentally preparing myself for disappointment," a Redditor going by doppelwurzel wrote.

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Update: The Redditor later took pictures of what was found in the box, which included foreign money, tapes and a piece of paper that cryptically said "save yourself."

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