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MSNBC Anchor Repeatedly Mispronounces Ben Sasse's Last Name -- Calling Him 'Sassy'


Tuesday's encouraging primary win for U.S. Senate hopeful and Nebraska Tea Party candidate Ben Sasse did not surprise a lot of people and was even called a "major victory" by some media outlets.

However, one anchor at MSNBC apparently was not really aware of Ben Sasse.  Spoiler alert -- it was NOT Al Sharpton screwing up Sasse's name.

Despite delivering a segment that declared Sasse to be leading in the polls ahead of the GOP Senate primary, the cable outlet's Alex Wagner was not aware of how to pronounce the candidate's name. Instead of the correct pronunciation -- a single syllable "Sass" -- Wagner repeatedly called the candidate "Sassy."

Alex Wagner has not responded to our request for comment on the incident.

Watch the segment.

H/T - Washington Free Beacon

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