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One of Hollywood’s Most Iconic Voices...on Helium!


"You don't always get what you expect."

Image source: Entertainment Weekly

He has one of the most notable voices in the world. He has narrated many a science and nature show -- "March of the Penguins" ring a bell? His was also the voice that introduced Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News. Not to mention, there are the countless movies that both his voice and on-screen acting skills have graced: "Driving Miss Daisy," "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Million Dollar Baby," just to name a few.

Morgan Freeman has a notably deep and smooth voice, but in a recent advertisement for the Science Channel's upcoming season of "Through the Wormhole," which the actor hosts, he alters his voice with helium. The result might have you replaying the video just to get another listen.

Image source: Entertainment Weekly Image source: Entertainment Weekly

"In unusual situations," taking in a suck of helium, "you don't always get what you expect."

Check it out:

(H/T: Sploid, Entertainment Weekly)

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