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What's Really Beneath the Mac vs. PC Debate? Watch This Scot Explain


Have you ever wondered about the differences between a Mac and PC? How about hearing it explained by a Scot?

Ask the Internet and ye shall receive.

In seven minutes, professor Tom Rodden zips through a quick history of the two platforms and looks at the fundamental, technical differences between Apple's and Microsoft's approaches to computing.

The verdict, delivered by a man who has both an iPhone and a MacBook on his desk: since Apple designs both the hardware and software that goes into a Mac, the functioning of a Mac can be highly optimized and Macs are, therefore, the superior product.

He admits, however, the downside of the "sealed unit" -- when it comes to price, Apple has Mac users over a barrel.

Let us know what you think of Mac vs. PC in the comments section below.

(H/T: Gizmodo)


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