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Watch What Happens When Will Cain and Whoopi Goldberg Debate Gun Control on 'The View


"When we indict guns, too often we indict people like you..."

TheBlaze's Will Cain appears on "The View" June 11, 2014. (Image source: ABC via YouTube)

Though several of the ladies who co-host "The View" are proud gun owners, that doesn't mean they are in complete agreement with TheBlaze's Will Cain on the contentious topic of gun control.

While Cain was guest-hosting "The View" on Wednesday, Whoopi Goldberg, a gun owner, began a segment by saying there have been 74 school shootings since the tragedy at Sandy Hook in 2012. Cain immediately stepped in to correct her.

"I don't think it is the 74th," Cain said. "That's a stat put out by this group called Everytown USA, who is for gun control. We know a couple stats, these are by Pew and the FBI. Gun violence is down drastically over the last 20 years. I mean, drastically. What I will tell you is, every time these terrible things happen, we want to learn a lesson. And it's understandable — we want to grab sanity. ... What can we do to ensure this doesn’t happen? I don’t know. Crazy people exist."

"I will suggest this," Cain continued. "I think when the media reports so breathlessly and salaciously on these things, these guys copycat each other.”

TheBlaze's Will Cain appears on ABC's 'The View' June 11, 2014. (Photo: ABC) TheBlaze's Will Cain appears on ABC's 'The View' June 11, 2014. (Image source: ABC)

Sherri Shepherd took issue with Cain's remark that he doesn't know what can be done, saying that "simple math" says "you can do more damage in five seconds with a gun than you can with a knife."

"If you've got semi-automatics, I'm not talking about just a regular 'pow-pow,' if you've got a semi-automatic and you're mentally challenged -- do you really want a person to be able to get that?" Shepherd demanded.

Jenny McCarthy responded: "I am a gun owner and I am proud of it, but I also think there's needs to be some changes."

"When we indict guns, too often we indict people like you, Jenny, or me, who actually own guns," Cain remarked. "We're law-abiding people."

"I also am a gun owner," Goldberg said. "But I will tell you: As a responsible gun owner, I don't have any problem with you checking my background. I got no problem -- check whatever you need to check to make everybody else feel comfortable. And I'm OK with that."

"And I will say as an effective problem solver, you need to make sure we focus on the right things," Cain responded. "If gun violence is down, why is that what we're focusing on?"

You can watch the complete segment below courtesy of ABC:

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