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This Is How Jay Carney Entered the Briefing Room for His Last Press Conference


"Oh, why don't you just drive away?"


White House press secretary Jay Carney tried to add some drama to his last press briefing on Wednesday, by walking in to a going-away song from his favorite band.

Just before he entered, speakers in the White House briefing room blared "Motor Away" from the band Guided By Voices. The press was momentarily confused by the noise, but it made more sense when the smiling Carney entered the room and beamed as he received his rock-star entrance.

"Now that is some good rock and roll, as if you didn't know," he said. "Well thank you for that. That was pretty awesome, a Guided By Voices introduction. I appreciate that."

The song seems appropriate for Carney, who has a few more days at the White House before he moves on. One section of the song ends with the lines: "And then the time will come when you motor away. Oh, why don't you just drive away?"

Before leaving, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough visited the briefing room to thank Carney for working with what he called "our partners" in the press.

"We are going to miss you dearly," McDonough said. "You've done unrelenting good work and unrelenting good service to us, and we're deeply appreciative in how you deal with our partners here in the press."

Carney will be replaced by Josh Earnest starting Thursday.

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