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College Students Will Soon Be Able to Check Out Drones at the Library


But some students are concerned about "creeping."


Libraries. Students flock here for peace and quiet during long study sessions or to escape a noisy roommate.

Is it ironic, then, that the once revered zone of silence would be the one place on campus where curious tech fiends can get their hands on the newest academic gadget that comes with a rather loud buzzing sound?

Drones and librarians. Who ever thought the two would mix?

y Who ever thought these two would mix? (Image source: Elizabeth Kreft).

Starting this fall, University of South Florida students can check out quadcopter drones outfitted with cameras for "aerial photography" and other studies.

"The school's drone program will be part of a major library remodel designed to make it a modern and practical space for students to achieve academic success," Helen Bierko said in USF News.

The remotely piloted aircraft will be available for checkout to students in various fields of study, from engineering to information technology.

"For example in architecture, they could also go over a structure and understand the various dimensions of it without having to look at drawings," Bierko said. The university wants to offer students a new perspective, and the DJI Phantom 2s will do just that, flying up to roughly 400 feet above the ground.

TheBlaze reached out to USF for comment on the drone rental program, but the university did not immediately respond.

Some students who spoke with WFTS-TV were already concerned that the rental drones may run a safety or privacy risk.

"I don't know, just creeping on other people, you know just, lurking," Micaela Martinez said in the WFTS-TV report.

Bierko said any student who wishes to check out a drone will be thoroughly trained and supervised.

"You can't take a drone, check it out and do whatever you want. They are going to be heavily controlled by our library staff," she said.

What do you think? Should colleges be checking drones -- outfitted with cameras -- to college students?

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