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Has a Chicago Professor Been Caught Telling Paul Ryan to Kill Himself? See What We Found


And to the Tea Party: "...all the Tea Party members need to DIE!"

Image via Facebook

A college chemistry professor appears to be posting messages of violence and hate on social media aimed at religion and conservatives.

The posts raise the question: Should those in academia be more careful about what they say using social media?

A Facebook account that appears to belong to Columbia College Chicago professor Keith Kostecka has been posting disturbing messages for quite some time.

On Monday, the account commented on a photo of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and his family, instructing Ryan to "go kill [him]self!"

Image via Facebook Image via Facebook

It's not the only disturbing activity from the Kostecka account.

Interspersed with memes about hockey and the difficulties of being a professor are violent, hateful messages railing against conservatives and religion.

One anti-religious cartoon post depicts the prophet Muhammad carrying off a young girl while declaring his intention to rape her while a Catholic priest, in the middle of molesting a young boy, signals approval.

Other posts call for the Tea Party to "DIE" and for the Catholic Church to be "eliminated from planet Earth."

Image via Facebook Image via Facebook

It's unclear whether Columbia College Chicago approves of Kostecka's social media activities, as neither the school nor Kostecka himself responded to requests for comment from TheBlaze on Tuesday, but the social media guidelines for the school's journalism department provide an indication of the school's attitude.

"[S]ocial media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, should not be used to harass or denigrate your classmates or teachers," the guidelines advise students. "Using offensive language or racial slurs is not acceptable and could result in disciplinary action."

The guidelines add, "bear in mind that almost anything you publish on Twitter, Facebook, a blog or online is in the public view."

This story has been updated.

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