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Police Found Her Drunk and Covered in Blood. Her Neighbors Were Shocked to Find Out What She Had Allegedly Done.


“She seemed like a nice little girl, had her life together.”

Sammie (Image source: screengrab via KFOR-TV)

No one expected that 22-year-old Sammie Bruhwiler would ever hurt her dog.

“She seemed like a nice little girl, had her life together,” her neighbor Willis Moses told KFOR-TV. “And she loved that little dog, seemed like it to me.”

But when police responded to Bruhwiler's Oklahoma City home just before midnight on Thursday, they found a horrific scene: Bruhwiler shrieking and appearing drunk, covered in blood and clutching her dog.

The dog, believed to be a shih tzu, was dead.

Sammie (Image source: screengrab via KFOR-TV) Sammie Bruhwiler. (Image source: screengrab via KFOR-TV)

Police found puddles of blood and two bloody knives inside the home, KFOR-TV reported, yet it appeared to investigators that the dog had been suffocated, not stabbed to death.

According to police, Bruhwiler said her dog had pus and fleas in its fur, and it seems she may have been trying to trim its fur.

Bruhwiler's friends refused to appear on camera, but they claimed she was an animal lover.

She is now facing charges of animal cruelty and public drunkenness, according to KFOR-TV.

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