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Sunday Was Apparently Really Strange and Scary in Japan


"The Incidents of June 29."

Image via JUN_star_HOSHI / Twitter

Scud missiles, tornado warnings and a flaming middle-aged man were a few of the strange goings-on that gave Sunday in Japan a bit of an apocalyptic feeling.

Kotaku highlighted some of the bizarre events.

Storm clouds gathered over Tokyo as a tornado, rare for Japan, reportedly savaged a village north of the Japanese capital.

Image via IWKRterter / Twitter Image via IWKRterter / Twitter

A man clambered above a Tokyo walkway, railed against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with a megaphone for an hour and then set himself on fire.

Image via H2_K4 / Twitter Image via H2_K4 / Twitter

The Japan Times reported that the man, who appeared to be in his 60s, survived the apparent suicide attempt.

The streets of Tokyo flooded as rain fell.

Image via / Twitter Image via _pin_syu_ / Twitter

A Tokyo taxi drive up onto a sidewalk and smashed into a pole.

Image via _pin_syu_ / Twitter Image via _pin_syu_ / Twitter

Meanwhile, across the Sea of Japan, North Korea fired off two Scud short-range ballistic missiles, which fell into the ocean.

The Japanese government lodged an official protest against North Korea, the Japan Times reported.

In the northern city of Sapporo, a man allegedly robbed a 7-Eleven with an ice pick, taking ¥40,000 (roughly $400); the man had allegedly robbed the same 7-Eleven four days earlier.

On a lighter note, a weird cat posed for photos on top of a Tokyo signpost.

Image via JUN_star_HOSHI / Twitter Image via JUN_star_HOSHI / Twitter

The cat appeared to be a big hit.

Image via JUN_star_HOSHI / Twitter Image via JUN_star_HOSHI– / Twitter

On Twitter, Sunday's strange events are apparently being catalogued by some as "the Incidents of June 29" (6月29日の出来事).

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