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20 pithy and poignant quotes from Katie Pavlich's new book on the left's war on women


"If Republicans are waging a war on women, then the male Democratic elite is waging a war on the truth."

Katie Pavlich discusses "Assault and Flattery" on Fox and Friends. (Image Source: Fox News/Youtube screengrab)

In Katie Pavlich's new book, "Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women," the conservative commentator tackles the left's war on women meme, arguing that this "war" is actually being engaged in by the greatest purported champions of women -- progressive politicians.

We gave you a flavor for Katie's argument in our in-depth interview with the author, but perhaps the best illustration of her arguments comes from the following 20 snarky and sagacious quotes from her new book.

Katie Pavlich discusses "Assault and Flattery" on Fox and Friends. (Image Source: Fox News/Youtube screengrab) Katie Pavlich discusses "Assault and Flattery" on Fox and Friends. (Image Source: Fox News/Youtube screengrab)

1. "Ed Schultz is among the biggest of the MSNBCs—Misogynistic Sexist Nabobs Bloviating on Cable."

2. "Just before Election Day, the accused rapist Bill Clinton and his female abuse enabler Hillary Clinton made their way to Virginia for a "Women for McAuliffe" event. I'm sure Bill Clinton was especially excited to go there—he probably picked up a whole list of phone numbers.

…Why Democratic politicians seem so proud of ending the lives of children is a problem for their psychiatrists. But how [Terry] McAuliffe— the man who applauded, extolled, apologized for, and made millions parlaying his service for serial sexual assaulter and Misogynist-in-Chief Bill Clinton into a job greasing the palms of fundraisers and green energy magnates—was able to get away with turning his opponent into a woman hater is a problem for Republicans. How on earth did Republicans allow a Clinton acolyte whom the liberal outlet Slate described as "beginning his reign of sleaze" when he was elected and who wasn't even from the state manage to follow in the steps of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson?"

Former Democratic National Committee chairman and GreenTech Automotive Chairman McAuliffe and former President Bill Clinton listen to speakers at the unveiling of GreenTech Automotive's electric MyCar at the manufacturing facility in Horn Lake, Miss., on July 6, 2012. (Image Source: AP) Former Democratic National Committee chairman and GreenTech Automotive Chairman McAuliffe and former President Bill Clinton listen to speakers at the unveiling of GreenTech Automotive's electric MyCar at the manufacturing facility in Horn Lake, Miss., on July 6, 2012. (Image Source: AP)

3. "The Democratic National Convention that summer in Charlotte became ground zero in the war on women. On the same night birth control heroine Sandra Fluke spoke, warning of a grave future under a Republican president that would send women back to an "offensive, obsolete relic of our past," serial sexual assaulter and accused rapist Bill Clinton spoke. Then a lengthy tribute to Ted Kennedy, who left a woman to drown and mistreated countless mistresses since, played with the words "women's rights champion" plastered across the big screens. Along with deadbeat dad Jesse Jackson was Chuck Schumer, who famously called an airline stewardess a "bitch" after she had the nerve to ask him to turn off his cell phone. Notably absent from the proceedings was one of the party's leading presidential candidates, John Edwards, who was still dealing with issues that came with denying the existence of a child he fathered out of wedlock while his wife was dying of cancer.

None of these guys were abandoned by leftist women's groups, of course. Their fury was somehow targeted at Mitt Romney, perhaps the most milquetoast, nonthreatening candidate nominated for president since Warren G. Harding promised a 'return to normalcy.'"

4. "The hijacking of the civil rights movement reveals the liberal mind-set. It is not one of inclusion, but one that betrays naked political calculation, and the same discriminatory undertone that they accuse the GOP of having. It's all about extortion and using specific carved-out groups to gain politically, not to actually help as Democrats often claim. Understanding this mind-set makes it crystal clear which party is actually waging a war to subvert "women's rights" for political gain. It's the party that consistently voted against securing fundamental and equal rights for American women. Yes, you're right again. It's the Democratic Party."

[sharequote align="center"]It's all about extortion and using specific carved-out groups to gain politically[/sharequote]

5. "The same party that sent Hiram Revels to serve his fellow countrymen as the first African-American in Congress sent the first woman, Jeannette Rankin. The same party that battled blatant racists at the local, state, and federal level battled sexists. The same party that sought to end lynching and the poll tax sought to end women's pay discrimination and grant women the right to vote. Yes, the Republican Party."

6. "[Woodrow] Wilson's politically expedient flip on women's rights set the tone that continues today in Democrats' war on women. During the 2012 election, the Obama campaign released an advertisement called "the life of Julia." In this sickening portrayal of the federal nanny state, the Obama campaign walked potential voters through the Left's vision for "women's equality." The ad demonstrated how at every stage of her life, from her childhood, to adolescence, to young professional career, to parenthood, to retirement, the Obama welfare state would be there to give her what she needed to be "successful"—if, of course, Julia votes for the Democratic Party.

This is the true war to make women feel dependent on the political success of the Democratic Party and radical liberals."

President Woodrow Wilson. (Photo Credit: www.whitehouse.gov) President Woodrow Wilson. (Image Source: www.whitehouse.gov)

7. "It's a two-part war—a war waged to make all women subscribe to certain social behavior, involving complete sexual "liberation" and "independence," and a war waged to convince women that the Democratic Party is the party that will give them everything they need to achieve that narrow-minded view on life—if they pledge their political allegiance.

This is not about women's rights. It's about political power and the agenda of the Left, and how a radical feminist movement can conveniently fit into that power grab. Erasing the GOP's historical role in women's rights is key because it hides the plain truth of how the Left hijacked the movement and made it something that the original suffragettes never wanted or could imagine."

8. "Marxist teaching is not a tiny fringe part of the modern, militant feminists’ agenda. It is its centerpiece.

From the time of Karl Marx through the 1960s and up until today, the progressive women's rights movement has hardly been about women's rights at all but instead about a transformation of American society and the transfer of wealth through government force. Women's rights have simply acted as a veil to distract away from the true intentions of progressive activists. The socialist revolution in America depended on two things: a breakdown of the family and women voting for progressives."

[instory-book ISBN="9781476749600"]

9. "Most women want and deserve a free-market system that allows them to make their own choices about whether to work outside or inside the home. The problem is that Marxist-inspired policies have chipped away at the traditional family structures that must remain viable if women (and men) are going to have a true choice about where to work. Those policies represent the true war on women. Instead, American women have been told Republicans are their true enemies, while they coddle and excuse leftist men who come before them in glamorous packaging. This hypocrisy reached its most ridiculous heights with the Kennedys of Massachusetts, whose women often ended up drunk, or victimized, or dead. The real history of the modern Democratic Party begins with them.…Rose Kennedy aided, abetted, and excused her husband's misogyny and thus set the standards for other women in her family to do the same. Just as Democratic women do today for the Kennedys."

10. "It is galling to so many American women that Mrs. Clinton has the nerve to rest her presidential campaigns on breaking the glass ceiling. For most of her life she's lived in a glass house (actually mansion), financed by her husband's unethical conduct and shamelessness."

11. "Think about that—Hillary Clinton allowed a young girl to be lied about, manipulated, and persecuted so that she and her loathsome husband could hold on to power. I ask American women who grow teary-eyed at the thought of Hillary Clinton breaking the "glass ceiling": What is so admirable about any of that?"

12. "I hold Hillary Clinton responsible for what's become of the women's movement. Because Hillary has been its role model, she's turned the women's movement into a pathetic joke. They have lost any moral authority or credibility. Instead, they have become nothing more than public-relations operations for Democratic politicians, so long as those politicians support twenty-four-hour abortions."

Image: NY Times (Image Source: NY Times)

13. "Obama is the worst president for women because he has systematically lied to them. He has brazenly campaigned as their champion, even as he seeks to make them wards of the state, forever dependent on government largesse in the form of food stamps and free birth control. He's claimed to work for their best interests, and yet screwed them at every opportunity. (Unlike with Kennedy and Clinton, that word is not to be taken literally.) Even Mitt Romney has figured it out. As he told me, "If there has been an administration which has been hard on women, it's this one." In the Obama worldview, women aren't human beings capable of charting their own destiny at home or the workplace just as men are, they are dependents in desperate need of government handouts and abortions."

[sharequote align="center"]In the Obama worldview, women..are dependents in desperate need of government handouts and abortions[/sharequote]

14. "I'm just not sure how American women went about preventing pregnancy and staying healthy in the decades before Obamacare. How did women move forward? How did the human race move forward? That nine dollars per month for pills was really a threat to the survival of women everywhere!" 

15. "Why didn't we ever see "The Life of John" [as opposed to the Life of Julia]? It's apparent Team Obama sees only women, not men, as helpless victims of their gender needy of government assistance to survive every stage of life."

(Image Source: Organizing for Action) (Image Source: Organizing for Action)

16. "When it comes to Barack Obama, it isn't what he does to a few women, it's what he does to all women. It's about how he objectifies them as pawns of government, as second-class citizens whose husbands and boyfriends have been replaced by Washington, D.C. The patronizing and condescending tone of Obama's "Life of Julia" campaign said it all. We are nothing without big government. We are nothing without him."

17. "Every other medical procedure, whether it's getting your teeth cleaned, a physical exam, vaccinations, major surgery, or even picking up a prescription at the pharmacy, requires informed consent of patients. You can't watch an advertisement for medicine without hearing a litany of possible side effects. But when it comes to the emotional and physical side effects of an abortion, Planned Parenthood doesn't want you to hear about them.

…The Democrats are right that there is a war on women's health. They're just wrong about who's waging the war. It is Planned Parenthood that has time and again fought against protections of women, especially young women. And it is the Democratic Party that has insisted on funding Planned Parenthood with federal tax dollars and that has defended Planned Parenthood's anti-woman agenda over and over again."

18. "Before women had a right to vote, they had a right to own a firearm. God may have made man and woman, but as the old saying goes, Sam Colt made them equal. Sure, birth control pills are great, but they don't come in handy during a fight against a guy who is trying to kill you. It will forever boggle my mind that rabid feminist groups aren't telling their members to learn how to use and carry a handgun. These are the same groups who scream about equality between men and women, yet dismiss one of the greatest equalizers of all…If Democratic politicians cared about women's equality as much as they say, they would be the nation's biggest champions of gun rights. Nancy Pelosi would have a perfect 100 percent voting record with the National Rifle Association. Hillary Clinton would be stumping for pro-gun candidates. Barack Obama would be playing golf with Wayne LaPierre."

Dana Loesch appears on her show 'Dana' on Feb. 7, 2014. (Image Source: TheBlaze TV) Dana Loesch appears on her show 'Dana' on Feb. 7, 2014. (Image Source: TheBlaze TV)

19. "It is an age-old question: Why are so many good women drawn to such disastrous men? Liars, manipulators, and sleazebags who abuse them, lie to them, even brainwash them just to have their way. That's how the Democrats have been seducing women for decades—and Republicans have let them get away with it. The GOP has played the role of the long-suffering friend watching one woman after another fall for the same jerks again and again.…Republicans do have candidates from time to time who stupidly opine about rape. But the Democrats have leaders who are actually accused of it, then go on to be praised by "women's groups" and win re-election."

20. "If Republicans are waging a war on women, then the male Democratic elite is waging a war on the truth."


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