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A Journalist Recording B-Roll Faces an Unexpected Threat to Her Life


Journalists put up with a lot — low pay, sources not calling back, and occasionally having to stand in the middle of a hurricane — but at least most journalists don't have to fear that they'll be randomly shot.

Journalists who do have to fear gunfire on the job: war correspondents and, apparently, a reporter in West Virginia.

WVVA-TV reporter Annie Moore was gathering video footage outside a Beckley, West Virginia, apartment complex where a dead body had been discovered Saturday, the news station reported.

A blue truck drove by, and then a gunshot cracked the air.

Image source: screengrab via WVVA-TV Image source: screengrab via WVVA-TV

Moore said she felt the bullet zip by her head, and she jumped into her news vehicle for cover.

WWVA reported that Moore was not injured.

Police are now using Moore's footage to try to track down the shooter, WWVA reported, as it seems that the shot came from someone inside the blue truck.

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