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'Oh, My God!': At the Very Last Moment, She Hesitates on the High Dive — See Why You Should Never Do That


A young girl went for a serious tumble after she hesitated at the last moment while up on a high diving board. However, the fall clearly looks more painful than it was as she reportedly escaped with a sore finger.

In a viral video recorded by an onlooker, the girl is seen preparing to jump from a 22-foot tall diving board in at a water park in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, when she suddenly stops and tries to grab onto the railing.

(YouTube) (YouTube)

She dangles for a moment before losing her grip and falling, causing her to hit a lower diving board below. The impact then sends her body flailing out of control until she finally hits the water.

“Oh, my god!” a woman is heard screaming.

Luckily, she wasn’t seriously injured. Watch the viral video, which already had over 537,000 views on Monday:

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