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Local ABC Anchors Fall Victim to Prank Phone Call During Live Coverage of UCLA Water Main Break: ‘I’m Sorry About That’


"We lost him."

An ABC affiliate fell victim to a prank caller Tuesday night during live-coverage of a water main break wreaking havoc on the University of California, Los Angeles campus.

The caller, disguised as Department of Water and Power spokesman "Louis Slungpue," told the KABC-TV anchors that the ruptured pipe might have been the result of college students flushing a cherry bomb down the toilet.

"Right now we are still in the investigation stage," the individual said. "It was either a cherry bomb or someone took a really large dump, you know?"

"So you're 100-percent sure about that?" the anchor, not appearing to realize she was dealing with a prank caller, asked in return.

"It's a prank call," another individual then said.

"We lost him," the anchor continued, still not appearing to understand what happened. "I'm sorry about that. We hope to get him back and find out how they are going to close out that main —."

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