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Man who claims to be mysterious artist behind anti-Obama posters calls into TheBlaze Radio


"Politics is downstream of pop culture."

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Perhaps artwork poking fun at some of the scandals plaguing the Obama administration is a growing industry.

Last week, during President Barack Obama's latest fundraising swing through California, another set of anti-Obama, anti-Democratic posters were spotted in the areas where the president was scheduled to appear.

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The artwork took some shots at Obama and the NSA.

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Obama's famous line, "You didn't build that," was lampooned in a poster spotlighting Silicon Valley.

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There was also a flyer that skewered Obama, Pelosi, and the $32,400 per plate fundraising dinner.

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Initially, no group or individual took credit for the artwork. However, late Sunday, TheBlaze received an email from an individual who claimed to be part of a small band of artists responsible for the posters.

The next morning, a man who identified himself "Sid" called TheBlaze Radio's Morning Blaze on Monday and spoke about the work that he claims he and his friends are creating to bring attention to what they see as the failings of this administration.

"There's a small group of us, you know, we all come from a variety of different backgrounds, and we're just working together to get this out," he told "Morning Blaze" fill-in host Mike Opelka.

The man also referenced a popular quote from the late Andrew Breitbart: "Politics is downstream of pop culture."

When asked why the group did not have a website showcasing their work or provide contact information to the public, the artist mentioned that might be a possibility in the future, but stressed, "Really, our long term goal is to get more people doing this in cities across America."

Listen to the interview with "Sid" at the 32:20 mark of the audio.

In a follow up telephone interview on Tuesday afternoon, Sid also pointed TheBlaze to some of the group's early works. These were posters he called the "Sub Par" series. Posters and yard signs that were strategically placed around Augusta, Georgia during The Masters tournament in April of this year.

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The shy artist also added additional clarity to why the group is intent on staying anonymous.

"We just want our work to be known," he said.

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