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Rubio Interrogated: 'Why Have You Flipped' on Immigration?


"I didn’t get elected to maintain good poll numbers."

Is Sen. Marco Rubio's evolving stance on immigration nothing more than partisan politicking?

"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace pressed the Florida Republican on the issue Sunday morning, noting that Rubio had supported comprehensive immigration reform last year and that that support appeared to have cost him support among the GOP base.

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Wallace asked if Rubio's switch from supporting comprehensive immigration reform to an incremental approach was motivated by politics.

“When I got involved in the issue I knew how difficult it was politically,” Rubio replied. “But I ran for office to make a difference … I don’t know what it means politically for me or anybody else, but that’s not my job. I didn’t get elected to maintain good poll numbers nationally. I got elected to address and solve problems."

"If I may, sir," Wallace interrupted, "if it’s not political, why have you flipped?”

“We’re not debating what to do, we’re debating how to do it,” Rubio said. “I’m just telling you, we will never have the votes necessary to pass, in one bill, all of those things. It just won’t happen. So our choices are, we can either continue to beat our head against the wall and try a process for which we’ll never have support, or we can try another way we can make progress on.”

(H/T: Mediaite)

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