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The Unlikely Way One Farmer Calls His Cattle Has Turned Him Into a Star


"This is where I raise grain, beef, kids, and creativity."

Image: YouTube

It started on Sunday with a simple Facebook post that announced the uploading of a new video from Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg.

The four-minute video soon caught fire and has gone viral in a very big way, generating over a million hits in one day.

It starts with the trombone-toting Klingenberg all alone in a field on his family's property in Peabody, Kansas.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Within less than a minute of playing a trombone solo version of last year's Grammy-winning pop smash, "Royals" by Lorde, cows start appearing on the horizon.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Within two minutes, the herd has surrounded Klingenberg.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Watch the entire video here.

A look at his Facebook page shows he's been a hit with everyone from Ellen to German news outlets.

To see more of the entertaining videos from Klingenberg and his crew, visit the Farmer Derek Klingenberg YouTube channel.

The YouTube profile of Farmer Derek Klingenberg describes the family's Kansas farm by saying, "This is where I raise grain, beef, kids, and creativity." That certainly seems to be the case.


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