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Angry Driver Confronts Group of Bicyclists on the Side of the Road — but Guess Where He Says He Was Headed


"Chill out there Mr. ... CrossFit."

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"Share the road."

Signs with this phrase posted in areas with heavy vehicle and bicycle traffic try to promote a safe and peaceful relationship between the two parties, but frustration between cyclists and drivers still runs strong.

Video footage of such a confrontation was posted online recently. And when you see and hear just how the driver involved acted, you might be surprised when you find out just where he was headed before he pulled over to yell at the cyclists.

Apparently, the cyclists were not far enough to the right when this driver came along. The cyclists then yelled at the driver after he passed them and sparked a road rage-worthy confrontation that had the driver telling them off for more than five minutes.

Image source: Vimeo Image source: Vimeo

"Like any other vehicle, if you're slow, you move to the right," the driver yelled at the cyclists at one point.

Later, one of the cyclists off camera said that drivers are supposed to "deal with cyclists like you deal with a vehicle."

"I do," the driver responded. "And if a vehicle is going 15 miles per hour it moves to the right so you can pass. It doesn't stay right in the middle."

"You think because you have Lance Armstrong gear on you think you own the f***ing road," the man added.

The driver accused one of the cyclists of coming up to his car at the light and calling him a "f***ing asshole." The whole ordeal only got more heated from there.

Image source: Vimeo Image source: Vimeo

At one point, the driver started criticizing the bikers' physical appearance.

"You should talk, you're about 100 pounds over weight," he yelled at one person.

"Hey, hey, chill out there Mr., ah, ah, CrossFit," one of the cyclists retorted to the man, who later admitted that when he was a little boy he "pedaled a bike like a sissy girl."

While continuing to yell and attack the cyclists' verbally said they lack decency and common courtesy for not pulling over to the side as other people would.

So just where was the driver going?

"I'm on my way to church to pick up my mom to go visit my father's grave 'cause today's his birthday," he said.

"Why are they always on their way to church?" one of the biker's asked?

Watch the whole of the footage, which starts mid-confrontation (Content warning: strong language):

(H/T: Deadspin)

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