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Three seconds into this video of a police chase, and you'll see why the people in the car lose it


"Only in Kewanee [can] you see cops chasing a..."

(Source: Facebook.com/cheryl.pudil)

Smalltown, USA -- where the problems of the world seem just a little simpler and daily life takes on new meaning. Never was that more true than this weekend in Kewanee, Illinois. That's where Cheryl Pudil captured a police chase in the middle of Main St. But it wasn't what you might expect, and when you turn up the volume you'll hear laughter instead of gasps.

That's because the culprit was large, both white and black, and likely bigger than any suspect the department had tried to apprehend. Here's what was captured on video -- three seconds into it becomes clear what has the passengers cracking up:

Yep, that's a cow.

"Only in Kewanee [can] you see cops chasing a cow," Pudil writes in the accompanying post.

According to the local outlet the Star Courier, the cow got loose and the police decided to simply escort it out of town instead of try to corral it on Sunday. When they called a veterinarian to possibly tranquilize it, the vet said it didn't have that capability. It's unclear what eventually happened to the bovine.

But one thing is clear, it made for some good laughs

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