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Fu** Israel!': Watch What Happens When Sen. Bernie Sanders Tries to Defend Israel at a Town Hall


"Excuse me!"

(Source: YouTube)

Senator Bernie Sanders may be an avowed Socialist from Vermont, but he's also a supporter of Israel. And at a recent town hall meeting, he showed just how ardent. When he was challenged by an agitated crowd, he yelled at an audience member to "Shut up!"

It all started after a woman in the crowd took issue with Sanders regarding a statement condemning Hamas but not Israel. After he tried to highlight a letter he had written, and even concede that he thought Israel's recent action in Gaza "overreacted," things got tense when he continued to indict Hamas for lobbing rockets into Israel. That's when a man in the crowd began becoming unruly.

"Excuse me! Shut up! You don't have the microphone," Sanders lashed out.

That set the man off even more, who then stood up and began pointing as an officer moved in. He eventually sat down as others began shouting.

But things got even worse when a women lost it, yelling Hamas is a "service organization" and "fu** 'Fu**!"

Watch it below. The tense exchange starts around the 3:15-mark:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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