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What Is This 'Strange Pattern of Spikes' in Siberia Seen From Space?

Image source: NASA

Astronauts on the International Space Station have a unique vantage point to spot unusual features in the earthly landscape.

Earlier this summer, a crew member on Expedition 40 snapped a photo over Siberia and sent it down to Houston to ask for "explanation of this strange pattern of spikes crossing the Kulunda Steppe" in Russia, according to NASA.

This week, NASA explained what was going on to create this phenomenon seen from an aerial perspective.

spikes Image source: NASA/Earth Observatory

"In fact these linear zones are gentle folds in the surface rocks of the area, lying slightly lower than the surrounding lighter-toned agricultural lands. The dark zones are forested with pines and dotted with salt-rich lakes," NASA said.

While, this formation might have a sound explanation, earlier this year strange holes cropping up around Siberia received attention and speculation as to what might be causing them.

(H/T: Live Science)

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