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Author's Dire Warning About Liberal 'Twist' on the Bible: 'Distorting the Faith of An Entire Generation


"[It] downplays morality, life and liberty while endorsing homosexuality, feminism, and big government all in the name of social justice."

Image via Chelsen Vicari @ChelsenVicari

Author Chelsen Vicari is on a mission to inspire and educate parents and faith leaders, alike, to prepare  for and engage in an ideological battle against progressive Christianity.

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In "Distortion: How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Damaging the Faith" Chelsen, who is the director of evangelical action at the Institute on Religion and Democracy, tackles what she says are the dangers of a liberal approach to the Bible and church culture.

"It’s no secret that young evangelicals are departing from authentic Christianity," she recently told TheBlaze. "If they are not abandoning their Christian faith altogether, then young evangelicals are overwhelmingly buying into a 'cafeteria-style' version of Christianity that downplays morality, life and liberty while endorsing homosexuality, feminism, and big government all in the name of social justice."

Vicari said that liberals have infiltrated chapels and co-oped scripture all in an effort to push liberal policies on young evangelicals — a "brilliant" strategy that she believes is working.

"We are not loving our neighbor when we twist the gospel," she said, speaking of progressive Christianity's take on scripture. "We are distorting the faith of an entire generation."

Vicari recounted personally experiencing this dynamic when she was once a part of Christian campus ministry. While she has since rejected a more liberal scriptural worldview, the author said that there was a point when she found herself being sucked into the mix.

"Largely out of fear of being ostracized or called uncompassionate and bigoted, I found myself condemning my parents’ generation and 'old-fashioned' religion because they would not denounce traditional marriage, Israel or endorse welfare expansion and mass amnesty for the sake of appealing to a broader audience," Vicari said.

Coming from a place of personal understanding, she's hoping "Distortion" will help faithful adult and Millennial evangelicals, alike, "take back America's Christian culture."

A major part of that process, she says, is for readers to pinpoint progressive Christian teachings and recognize the impact they have on the faith and culture at large.

"Progressive churches are well-intentioned in their attempts to affirm everyone, but to do this many omit Christ’s teachings on sins, immorality, and hell and fail to follow all of the Great Commission in which Jesus instructed his followers to, 'teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you,'" Vicari said.

Image via Chelsen Vicari @ChelsenVicari Image via Chelsen Vicari @ChelsenVicari

The author did admit, though, that liberal churches are good at living out the Great Commandment, which calls for Christians to love their neighbors as themselves — and that many progressive believers "truly care for those hurting or in need."

But she added one caveat: "Only instead of relying on Jesus Christ to provide the healing transformation, progressive churches focus on advancing the government’s ability to solve socio-economic problems."

Find out more about "Distortion" here.

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