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Video: It May Depress You to See What News 29 Out of 30 College Students Were Aware of — and What 24 Out of 30 Were Not


"The march on Washington?"


Sadly, Young America’s Foundation discovered last week that while 29 out of 30 students at George Washington University could name one celebrity involved in a recent nude photo hacking scandal, just 24 out of 30 were aware of the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.

Further, only four out of 30 students were able to name one of the American journalists recently beheaded by Islamic State terrorists. Some were not aware of the Islamic State at all.

When asked what “major national event” was next week, one male student admitted he had no clue. A female student answered, “the march on Washington.” And one student even guessed, “Thanksgiving.”

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YAF reportedly asked 30 randomly selected students the following questions:

• Next week marks the anniversary of a major national event do you know what that is?

• Do you know what ISIS is?

• Did you know that ISIS is responsible for the beheading of two American journalists?  If so, could you name one?

• Are you aware of the celebrity "nude photo" hacking scandal?  If so, could you name any of the celebrities involved?

Watch the video to see more of their responses:

(H/T: Fox Nation)

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