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Is it appropriate (and sanitary) to urinate in the shower? How about a shower full of 40 other men? NFL player weighs in.


"I'll absolutely say, 'Come on dude!'"

Is it appropriate -- or even sanitary -- to urinate in the shower?

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NFL player Jay Feely was a guest on Cain and Cupp on TheBlaze Radio this weekend, and he discussed a variety of topics with co-hosts SE Cupp and Will Cain. One of those was a survey which found out how many people say they urinate in the shower...and how often (spoiler alert: a lot of people). Cain said he only had on a few occasions (although he did say he blows his nose in the shower on a daily basis -- a separate debate that ensued). Cupp said "that has happened" for her as well.

While Feely said he occasionally urinated in the shower, he brought up a separate issue. "What I don't like is when you're standing in the shower with like 40 guys and there's like four or five of them just peeing, no problem, and you're watching the yellow pee run by you," he said of the locker room shower etiquette. "I'll absolutely say, 'Come on dude!'"

What do you think? Listen here (the conversation starts up at approximately the 00:21:00 mark).

Cain and Cupp also discuss the NFL (specifically the Ray Rice case) and the way it doles out punishment with Feely. "If [Roger Goodell] saw that film he needs to get fired, because he lied about it. It would be his Nixon moment," said Feely. "The cover-up would be worse than the crime."

Another topic with Feely: what it feels like to miss not one, not two, but three game-winning kicks in the same game -- and what happened in the next game:

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