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Four Seconds Into This Video Something 'Terrifying' Happens As Man Drives Nissan Leaf Down Road


"Holy cow."

Image source: YouTube

This leaf was pummeled by a tree.

A man driving a Nissan Leaf down the road Tuesday came to a sudden halt when a large tree fell directly onto his electric vehicle, crushing the car.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Footage shows Daniel Wu coasting down a highway in the late afternoon when a tree unexpectedly collapses onto his car's windshield causing it to immediately shatter.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Video taken immediately after the incident reveals multiple vehicles were affected by the falling of the tree.

"Right after, I looked over at the other car that was also crushed by the tree...that driver had the same confused wtf look on his face," Wu wrote on YouTube.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Traffic came to a standstill, though it was unclear how long.

At the time of publication, footage of the incident had amassed more than 12,000 views on YouTube.

"[T]hat looked terrifying," one individual commented.

"Holy cow," echoed another.

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