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$100K, 500 Hours and 65 Photos After He Started, He Built Exactly What He Wanted


"Sweat equity."

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It's a good old-fashioned story of American labor: One man armed with nights, weekends and perseverance turned a $40,000 dump into his dream home.

And he snapped 65 photos documenting his progress along the way.

Reddit User IRikeLeddit posted his renovation album online Saturday, sharing the details of the months-long project to turn a run-down bargain of an Arizona house...

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...into the perfect home for himself and his fiancee.

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His secret to success?

"Late work hours the whole way through," he wrote. "I spent every day after work at the property, and sun-up to well past sun-down on the weekends."

He employed help from time to time and he completely gutted and rebuilt the house, investing $55,000 and upwards of 500 man-hours in the work.

It all paid off — he said he loved the two-bedroom home — but he recently had to sell it (at a well-deserved profit) as his family was set to grow.

"We are currently working on a second dream home- where we can grow a bit," he wrote. "We'll be making children soon."

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