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He Threw a Punch Too, Holy Cow!': Men, Women and Security Guards Create Literal Bloodbath in Football Game Brawl

Image via YouTube

It was as crowded as a "Star Wars: Episode II" battle scene, and just as confusing to watch.

Video posted to YouTube captured a massive brawl breaking out in the stands during Sunday's game between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers.

It's unclear why the fight started, but it involved more than a dozen people...

Image via YouTube Image source: YouTube

...and quickly spiraled out of control down a staircase.

When security tried to step in to stop the fight, one man started choking a guard.

Then, another spectator started helpfully punching the guy who was choking the guard.

"He threw a punch too, holy cow!" a man's voice says on the video.

Image via YouTube Image source: YouTube

The whole thing turned into a literal bloodbath, as the blood-covered guard trudging up the blood-covered stairs showed.

Image via YouTube Image source: YouTube

KTAR-FM reported that one person was arrested in connection with the melee, and nearly everyone involved in the brawl was ejected from the game.

It remains unclear which side "won" the brawl (or who the fighting sides even were), but in the contest taking place on the field below, the Cardinals triumphed 23-14.

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