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You Know That Story About the 'Three-Breasted' Woman? Here's the Evidence That Suggests It's All a Hoax


"I got it because..."

By now, you've probably heard of the woman who allegedly had plastic surgery to add a third breast to her chest in an effort to make herself less attractive to men. Well, she might actually have another motive as new evidence suggests the whole story is a hoax.

The selfie of the woman going by Jasmine Tridevil on social media sites wearing a purple mesh shirt with a black pleather bra holding up three breasts began making its rounds on the Internet within the last week. But the fact-checking site Snopes rates the woman's whole story as completely false. In addition to what Snopes revealed, a local news station says it received a document that could provide an answer as to the story's validity once and for all.

All the initial information buzzing about the 21-year-old Tampa woman seemed to originate from her Facebook page and her Twitter account, both of which were started in August. Last week, Tridevil had a radio interview with 104.1 radio's News Junkie.

On the show Tridevil, who wouldn't give her real name, said she hopes to leave her job as a massage therapist and start a reality show.

"My whole dream is to get this show on MTV," Tridevil said, including that she hired a production crew herself in the mean time.

But she didn't get the surgery for publicity, she said.

"I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men … because I don't want to date anymore," Trideveil told the radio station.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

She said she had a hard time finding someone to perform the surgery. When she allegedly found a surgeon, she said the doctor only agreed to operate if she signed a non-disclosure agreement before agreeing to the $20,000 surgery, which used tissue from her abdomen. She later got an areola tattooed onto the implant.

But it didn't take long for Web sleuths to dig into the woman's story.

"As Jasmine Tridevil's claims about a third breast circulated the social web, most information reported came directly from the subject herself without any external confirmation," Snopes wrote. "Tridevil's Facebook page and YouTube account were the primary sources for verification, despite the fact that both hosted only self-taken videos and photos (and none actually shows the breast in question without a covering of clothing).

"In one clip posted by Tridevil, her 'breasts' appeared to be of an entirely different skin tone than her facial skin and limbs," Snopes continued.

This is the video Snopes referenced:

Snopes didn't stop there, though. The site contacted a Tampa-based surgeon who explained some of the technical difficulties that would come with creating a third breast:

[For] this type of surgery, the existing anatomy would need to be altered and then a tissue expander wound need to be inserted. The expander would be enlarged with saline and the skin would stretch. This process would take several months. The patient would be in considerable pain. there would be swelling and bruising. The expander would then be removed and an implant inserted into the space. That would take time. A nipple and areola can be made also but would take more time. The overall process can take up to one year to finish.

Snopes also tracked down a modeling website that featured a woman named Alicia Hessler. Following the trail of this name, Snopes was able to find other information:

JASMINETRIDEVIL.COM domain was registered by someone named Alisha Hessler, and Jasmine Tridevil herself bears a striking likeness to Tampa-area massage therapist Alisha Jasmine Hessler. (A web listing for "Alisha's Golden Touch" massage web site now bears legends identifying her as "Provider of internet hoaxes since 2014" and "Specialist in massage for three breasted women.") Video clips of Hessler taken in December 2013 display an appearance that does not suggest the procedure described by the surgeon above had yet been started.

Furthermore, an Alisha Jasmine Hessler was taken into custody in Hillsborough County, Florida on 14 March 2013, and subsequently charged with fraudulent use of personal information.

What does Hessler/Tridevil have to say about these claims?

"Everyone keeps sending me this snopes article. Why? Yes, they have my real name. Yes, the news story last December is true, and yes, I was arrested for using someone elses i.d. (attempting to get in a club). I was underage and wanted to get drunk lol," Hessler confirmed on her alter ego's Facebook page.

However, she didn't address any of the other accusations made by Snopes that her third breast story is false.

Hessler told WTSP-TV that she filmed the whole surgery and said it would be part of her show, if that ever comes to fruition.

The news station, though, said it has a final piece of evidence to nail in the coffin built by Snopes. WTSP received a luggage retrieval report filed at Tampa International Airport. Among the items listed within the luggage were three breast prosthetics.

This receipt lists "3 breast prosthetics" as being recovered in missing luggage that belonged to Hessler. (Image source: WTSP-TV) This receipt lists "3 breast prosthesis" as being recovered in missing luggage that belonged to Hessler. (Image source: WTSP-TV)

This property was released back to Hessler on Sept. 16.

So there you have it. Judge for yourself.

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