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She Was Allegedly Pulling Off a Successful Cat-Motivated Robbery — Until This Guy Tackled Her


"There's always a choice between right and wrong."

Image via WFTV-TV

A woman living in DeLand, Florida was so desperate to feed her cats she allegedly attempted a brazen robbery, only to be thwarted by a bystander Monday night, KFTV-TV reported.

Police told WESH-TV that the suspect, 37-year-old Shanna Ferring, pretended to be buying a pack of gum, but when the clerk opened the cash register, she made her move.

Image via WFTV-TV Image via WFTV-TV

Police said she snatched some cash and bolted, as surveillance video shows.

Image via WFTV-TV Image via WFTV-TV

But her plan was thwarted by the quick action of another customer, 28-year-old Tim Tyger.

Image via WFTV-TV Image via WFTV-TV

"I dropped the items that I had that I was going to buy and started yelling, 'Hey, stop that, stop that!'" Tyger told WESH.

Tyger grabbed Ferring outside the store and dragged her back inside.

"Me and her had a scuffle," Tyger told WESH, saying Ferring tried to bite him as he held her down to await the arrival of police. "If it were to happen to me, I would want someone to help in that situation."

Image via WESH-TV Tim Tyger. (Image via WESH-TV)

Police said Ferring later confessed that she had lost her job and was desperate for cash to help feed her cats, and that she had gone so far as to steal a license plate so that her planned robbery could not be traced back to her.

Image via WESH-TV Shanna Ferring. (Image via WESH-TV)

Tyger said Ferring told him she had no choice but to commit the robbery, but he disagreed.

"There's always a choice between right and wrong," said the good Samaritan.

WESH reported that Ferring had been arrested and charged with one count of robbery by sudden snatching.

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