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There's one race the GOP deserves to lose






Don't misunderstand, I want the Republicans to take control of the U.S. Senate in November.  They need a net gain of six seats to pull that off. The Real Clear Politics average has the GOP winning a net of seven races. It would seem they have one race to spare. That race needs to be the Senate contest in Kansas.

The establishment's pick is Pat Roberts. He's of a mind that the GOP can manage the unwieldy leviathan, that is our government, better than Democrats.  To make matters worse, Roberts is getting his rear-end handed to him by a liberal in Independent's clothing, Greg Orman. This political lightweight would carry all the seriousness, commitment and expertise to his job in the Senate, as Resident Obama brought to the Oval Office. Orman is on all sides of the issues, or chooses not to take sides at all -- and he's winning.

The GOP insisted on their establishment guy in Kansas instead of new conservative blood. Their antiquated way of looking at politics may very well cost them a GOP Senate seat. Where I pray the country doesn't pay for the Republican's lack of vision, a GOP loss might remind Republicans that Americans are tired of business as usual.

Kansas is so hungry for new blood, it seems poised to vote for an Obama clone over Roberts. I don't envy Kansans. Come November they'll either get an Obama rubber stamp or a go-along-to-get-along career politician who's rarely in his home state and seems married to his tax payer-funded check and the Washington culture.  Some choice!

Cue to 5:47 to hear the reasons why Pat Roberts needs to lose his Senate seat in Kansas:


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