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When Her Daughter Won't Admit to Ditching School, Mom Pulls Off Embarrassing Viral Stunt That Finally Changes Her Ways


"So guess what we're doing Ricki? We're gonna hold hands and we're gonna go to class and sit together. Isn't that great? Mommy and daughter?"

Image source: Facebook

Jeannie Crutchfield said the bold measure to straighten out her truant teenage daughter was "kinda just spur of moment." But once she got the idea in her head and debated carrying it out, it didn't take her long to decide.

"I'm just gonna do it," she told KTWO-TV in Casper, Wyoming.

What Crutchfield did — after her daughter Ricki Durant wouldn't admit she'd been cutting classes — was head to classes herself.

But that's not all: Mom recorded video of herself following daughter all over school, lecturing and pestering 14-year-old Ricki second by second as her stunned classmates watch.

"What's wrong, Ri? You don't want everybody to know why I'm here?" Mom asked, later adding: "You thought it was cute to ditch with your friends; now let's see how cute you think it is to hang out with Mom in class...shall we?"

Image source: Facebook Image source: Facebook

"So guess what we're doing Ricki?" Crutchfield inquires in another sequence. "We're gonna hold hands and we're gonna go to class and sit together. Isn't that great? Mommy and daughter?"

Then she toyed with Durant, in a mock sing-song voice: "Yay! We're going to class together. Isn't it great?"

Image source: Facebook Image source: Facebook

For Ricki, not so much — especially since Crutchfield posted the finished product on her Facebook page for the enjoyment of parents everywhere (and to continue sending a message to her daughter).

"This is what happens when Ricki can't act right," she told her daughter in a school hallway. "Her mom has to come to the school and record her to get it through her head."

As of Thursday, the clip has received more than 105,000 views and nearly 2,300 likes since it was posted Sept. 26.

Here's how she prefaced it: "This is what happens when my daughter Rickilee Durrant can't act right at school...enjoy parents."

And it's worth watching the entire three minutes:

Crutchfield told KTWO that until her daughter "let go of the lie" that she wasn't ditching classes "I'm not stopping."

"I warned you, didn't I?" Mom said in another portion of the clip, adding a brutal: "Say, 'Hi Facebook! Hi!'"

In the wake of the further embarrassment of the Facebook post, Ricki came around and admitted her misdeeds — along with a pointed observation.

"My mother's crazy," she told KTWO.

"She's not gonna just skip school and think that it's okay to go hang out with her friends when she should be in class," Crutchfield told the station.

Mom and daughter, after the truth is admitted. (Image source: Mom and daughter, after the truth is admitted. (Image source: KTWO)

But the girl also told KTWO that a friend of hers "wished her mom would have done that for her."

"It just goes to show that my mom cares," she concluded.

Here's the report from KTWO:

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